BLX Positioners

BLX Positioners

BLX V100 is a compact analogue positioner for both rotary and linear actuators, double or single acting.

There are two basic types:

  • V100P pneumatic operating on 3-15 psi signal
  • V100E electro-pneumatic operating on a 4-20 ma signal


  • BLX V100 has independent zero and span adjustments, making calibration very simple.
  • External access for zeroing is standard.
  • BLX V100 corrosion resistant painting and sealing meet NEMA 4X as well as the sealing requirement IP 66.
  • BLX V100 is furnished standard with four connecttions for gauges and a threaded opening for venting the positioner’s exhaust.
  • The BLX R100 feedback unit for the V100 is offered as an accessory.

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