valve actuator accessories

Valve Actuator Accessories

We supply pilot solenoid valves, switchboxes and positioners with weatherproof or explosion proof enclosures, switchboxes are available with mechanical, inductive or reed type switches.

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BLX / Eckardt Digital Positioner
Microprocessor based valve positioner.
digital positioner
BLX Positioners
A compact analogue positioner for both rotary & linear actuators.
blx positioner 
CV3 Switchbox
The CV3 Switchbox sets the standard in valve monitoring.
cv3 switchbox
Fisher DVC Positioners
FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers.
dvc positioners
Pilot Solenoid Valves
To direct mount to pneumatic actuators.
pilot solenoid valves
PMV Positioners
Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic analogue positioners.
pmv positioners
PMV digital positioners
D3 & D20 digital positioners