linear actuator

Tyco PremiAir

A comprehensive range of pneumatic actuators, conforming to EN ISO 5211.


  • Mounting to valve either directly or via bracket, using a detachable mounting plate.
  • Conforming to European and International Standard EN ISO 5211, preferred dimensions.
  • Double Rack & Pinion design.
  • Double Acting or Spring Return models utilise the same compact body design.
  • Aluminium body, hard anodized externally and internally, for corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Special Nickel Protection (SNP) finish, for areas of extreme corrosion or hygienic conditions.
  • Adjustable travel stops.
  • Safe end cover bolting requiring no special tools.
  • Anti blow-out drive pinion.
  • Air connection plate is detachable and replaceable.
  • Parallel and diagonal, double square (star) drive.
  • Over travel adjustment (at each end)±5°.
  • Under travel adjustment (at each end)±10°.
  • Increased under travel is available on request.
  • Easy field conversion between DA and SR models.
  • ATEX certified II 2 G D.
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