diaphragm valve

Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm Valves in iron and stainless steel with linings for corrosive duties.


  • Valve stroke Indicator; a yellow position indicator gives clear and positive valve position from any angle.
  • Greased for life valve spindle; spindle chamber incorporates a grease reservoir that lubricates the spindle along operations thus avoiding valve spindle jamming. Sealed bonnet arrangements available for toxic and hazardous fluids.
  • Valve stroke limiter; the bonnet design prevents over closure of the valve thus avoiding early diaphragm rupture.
  • Ergonomically Design Hand wheel; great comfort and ease of operation. Other operation options including actuators, padlocks, interlocking, extended spindle are available
  • Self draining; weir valves are self draining when installed at an angle of 20º above horizontal. ST and Full Flow valves are self cleaning with an unobstructed bore.
  • Diaphragms; wide range of diaphragm materials to meet the needs of today’s industrial processes and standards. Resilient diaphragms provides 100% leak-tight shut off and isolates all bonnet parts from the line fluid.
  • Safety; Optional Sealed bonnet arrangements available for toxic and hazardous fluids, Interlocking arrangement, padlocking and flange sealing coating.
  • Linings; porous free chemically resistant linings designed to eliminate the need of expensive metals. Wide range of polymers and fluoropolymers available to match all industrial needs. Full face rubber lining removes the need for gaskets unlike spigot face lining.
  • Body end connections; flanged and screwed ends to meet all European, Imperial and American standards. Other end styles available for the aseptic range.
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