Fisher Globe Control Valves

Fisher GX Globe Control Valve

The Fisher Design GX is a compact,state-of-the-art control valve and actuator system, designed to control a wide range of process liquids, gases, and vapours.

The Design GX is rugged, reliable, and easy to select. It requires no actuator sizing -- the actuator selection is automatic once the valve body construction is selected.

The optimized design results in reduced complexity and parts count. As a result, the cost of maintenance is reduced.

The Design GX meets the requirements of both EN and ANSI standards. It is available with a complete accessory package, including the FIELDVUE DVC2000 Series integrated digital valve controller.


  • Engineered for easy maintenance
  • Maximum part commonality across sizes
  • Replaceable trim
  • Low lifetime costs
  • Robust, low-profile design
  • Compact field-reversible multi-spring pneumatic actuator
  • Available with integrated, easy-to-calibrate
  • DVC2000 Series Digital Valve Controller
  • Valve body sizes DN 15 to DN 100
  • (0.5 inch through 4-inch)
  • Pressure Classes PN 10-40,
  • Class 150 and 300
  • W8861/IL
  • Figure 1. Design GX Control Valve, Actuator, and DVC2000
  • Series Digital Valve Controller
  • High capacity design
  • Valve body flow passage optimized for flow stability
  • Full range of materials, including alloys
  • Shutoff capabilities: Class IV, V, and VI
  • Rangeability of 50:1 (equal percentage)
  • Optional metal bellows seal

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