Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves

Fig.990 Rubber Lined valve

The Figure 990 butterfly valve has a split, wafer type body, features a slim profile one piece disc stem and field replaceable seat.

The range of available materials makes these valves suitable for a wide range of duties including some hygienic applications.


  • Factory testing of every valve at full rating ensures 100% bubble-tight shut-off.
  • Standardised actuator flange for easy operator interchangeability and direct mount to the F79U range of actuators.
  • One-piece wafer-thin disc-stem provides high strength and absolutely positive disc control and gives the very minimum obstruction to flow.
  • Its crevice free surface makes it ideal for hygienic duty.
  • Primary seal formed by the seat/shaft/hub contact exceeds the pressure rating of the valve. Body is totally isolated from the flowing medium.
  • Secondary shaft seal is self adjusting and requires no maintenance.
  • Patented dove-tail seat requires no bonding. Makes seat replacement simple and fast. Extra heavy edge section resists tearing.
  • Hub seal is provided by preloaded contact between flatted seat surface and rounded polished disc-hub area for positive sealing at all disc positions.
  • Moulded-in O-ring provides positive flange sealing and eliminates the need for gaskets.
  • Heavy duty top bushing absorbs side thrust loads.
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