Ball valves

Ball Valves

Ball valves are stocked in a range of materials and body styles from low cost to high pressure with special valves for flow control, valves are available with screwed, weld and flanged or wafer connections, with three way, full bore and firesafe options. Automation with pneumatic or electric actuators is economical, our latest products have a direct mount facility to eliminate expensive mounting kits.

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3-piece NTC Economy
3-Piece Full Bore Economy Direct Mount Ball Valve.
economy ball valve 
3-piece NTC Heavy Duty
3-Piece Full Bore Heavy Duty Direct Mount Ball Valve.
heavy duty ball valves 
Economy Ball Valves
Brass & stainless steel two piece valves.
Ball Valves Uk
Flanged Ball Valves
Full & reduced bore ball valves to European & American standards.
Flanged Ball Valves 
Hindle Ball valves
Hindle Ultraseal ball valves in stainless and carbon steel.
Hindle Ball Valves
Hogfors One Piece Ball Valves
 Welded construction ball valves for district heating applications 
Hogfors one Piece ball valves
Valtac & Procol ball valves
Swiss made three piece ball valves in a wide range of specifications
Three piece ball valves